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General Manager’s Statement

General Manager’s Statement

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  • Time of issue:2020-05-14 00:00:00
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--Let’s keep our commitment and move forward continuously
Foshan Huaguo Optical Co., Ltd. ( called as ‘Huaguo Optical’) is operating on optical lens design and fabrication with its full strength since it was founded in the year of 1992. and located at Guangdong Province, PRC.
Our business operation philosophy is to sustain as follow: 『Humanity Initiatives; Genuine Treatment; Going Concern Operation; Co-existence and Co-Prosperity; System Enhancement; Employees Best Caring; Supporting public Welfare to the community and Society by corporate business contribution; To take a step into the procession of advanced enterprises and connect toward the World.』 We shall continuously develop, fabricate and sell our products to expand the limit in optical industry.
In the year of 2005, Huaguo Optical’s employees has been introduced “Gong Ho! “ Program, to learn to promote its ‘Team Cooperation Capability’ and to achieve Corporate’s goals, or even social’s expectation, for employee or people getting together harmoniously. We select three animals to represent each phase of corporate culture development activities, which is: Squirrel; Beaver; and Wild Goose.
Faced on the high competitive future, Huaguo Optical shall move forward to become one of World Class Optical Business Operation and forever moving forward by integrate its talented employees, the state-of-the world technology, excellent quality, advanced corporate culture to perform its more successful achievements, to gain acknowledgement and recognitions.
Let’s keep our Commitments, and move forward continuously! Huaguo Optical’s history will rely on all the team to participate and create.

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