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Social Commonweal Activity

Social Commonweal Activity

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  • Time of issue:2020-05-14 00:00:00
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To contribute to society by career is one of the operation ideas of Huaguo Company led by General Manager Zhou Liangcheng. Under the tenet of “the enterprise comes from society and should repay the society”, Huaguo will build love image in people’s heart by real action, enthusiasm and love.
Aid for Social Service, Salvation for Vulnerable Group
Since 2005, 20 students from poor families at mountainous areas in Guangdong received our aid through Guangdong Youth Development Foundation.
To provide financial aid for education
In 2006, we helped the Huanjiang Maonanzu Autonomous County (in Hechi City, Guangxi Province) to rebuild the Hope School.In 2007, we called all the staff to participate in building Huaguo Hope School, Guangdong Changkeng Primary School, which would be finished in September 2008. We also sent staff to work as teachers in Leizhou Leigao Tiqiao Primary School, which won the approval from society. In 2008, we continued to donate for diversion works for Pingmo Primary School in Huanjiang Maonanzu Autonomous County in Hechi City, Guangxi Province. It solved the drinking problem for the mass, students and teachers in mountain district.
Warm community service
In 2006, we called the staff to take part in the voluntary works of Shancheng Youth Volunteer Association and donated clothes to the people in Hechi in Guangxi, Dingxi in Gansu, Shangcai in Henan and donated the transportation fee. Since 2007, we called the staff to express sympathy at Zhangcha Gracomium.
To help develop sports career:We gave patronage to the 10th Session of Guangdong Sports Meeting in 2006 and gave patronage to the Lion Dance Championship in 2007.
Kindness and caring
In 2007, we subsidized and raised the posthumous child of Lan Tongguan (one staff of the company), Lan Huaguo (the name given by his mother to express the thanks to the company), and were willing to pay the raising fee before the child was 5 years old.
Disaster Aid
In 2006, we went to Yuebei mountain area in Guangdong province, where had been stricken by flood, to offer assistance. In May, 2008, our staff as well as the company made a donation to Sichuan disasters through Charities in Foshan and Chancheng.
Love donation act
To donate blood and show the heart of love
To donate blood and care for life! The company calls for blood donation and organizes blood donation every year. Since 1999, Huaguo organizes blood donation every year. So far, more than 3,000 people have donated blood (about 950,000 ml.) and Huaguo has won Advanced Unit of Blood Donation without Repayment.
To take part in tree planting actively
The company organizes staff to take part in tree planting every year, even in rainy days.
Helping others will benefit you as well. The company led by General Manager is always willing to help others to show love for ever.

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