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Gung – Ho spirit

Gung – Ho spirit

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  • Time of issue:2020-05-14 00:00:00
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On June 9, 2005, the company held the Culture Transform Launching Ceremony. The General Manager, Zhou Liangcheng announced to promote the culture transform officially and set up Gung – Ho committee.
This ceremony is the symbol of the bright future for Huaguo.
※Gung – Ho is similar to Jianghao (Taiwan pronunciation) or Gonghao (Indian pronunciation). It is said that it comes from Chinese wisdom and means to keep promise and stick it out. It happens to have the same view with the partner spirit (modern management spirit). It is a kind of spiritual status of competition for organizations and individuals. …...
1 Three principles of Gung - Ho
Squirrel spirit---To do valuable work.
Beaver mode---To control the process of achieving the goal.
Wild geese gift---To encourage each other.


1 Gung – Ho slogan
To be good together .


1 Squirrel spirit---To do valuable work
※We are clear that we will make the world better by our work .
※Every one is advancing for the same goal (SMART goal).
※All the plans, resolutions and actions are based on the value.


1SMART goal refers to
Measurable (Outcome)
Attainable/Achievable (Reasonable)


1 Beaver mode---To control the process of achieving the goal
※To define the game range clearly
※To respect and listen to the thinking, the feeling, the needs and the dream and put them into action
※To face new challenge and cultivate ability


1 Wild geese gift —To encourage each other
※The encouragement and cheer should be in accordance with true principle
※The point is the goal of the match; the encouragement and cheer should be given during the process
※E=MC2 (The enthusiasm=task*money*cheer)


1 Wild geese gift—Working list: TRUE
※T: Timely (To do every thing in time)
※R: Responsive (To be responsible for counterpart needs)
※ U: Unconditional (There is no limitless exchange)
※E: Enthusiastic (To be warm in intonation and action)


1Gung – Ho result---The individual will take part in automatically; the hard work is the natural habit


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