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Corporate Development Profile (History)

Corporate Development Profile (History)

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  • Time of issue:2020-05-14 00:00:00
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Corporate Development Profile (History)


1   Date of Establishement:July 4, 1992
※The factory was set up at Le’-an Foshan, Guangdong in name of “Foshan Huaguo Optical Co., Ltd.”.
1   1993 to 1994
Bring in advanced production equipment, perfect production and quality system
1   In the Year of 1995
※The Company was cooperated with TAMRON and entered into Interchangeable Lenses field.
1   1996 to 1997
Establish relationships with world well-known companies
1   In the year of 1997
※Company began to build Cooperative Partnership with CANON.
1   In the year of 1998
※Company has introduced ISO9002:1994 Quality Assurance System and obtained the certification.

In the year of 1999
※Company has cooperated with FUJI to produce laser Iris lens and lenses.
※Finish the song For a Better World

1   In the year of 2000
※Company has built new Factory Site in Chenxi Industrial Zone of Foshan City to expand the space capacity of lens processing and research & development.
※Company organize to set up a cadre school (Group Leader Training School) to strengthen management system, based on the principle of “building new Huaguo mode and challenging new optical age”
1   In the year of 2001
※Company’s new Factory Site has began to join production and has received ISO9001:2000 version certificate.
※“Lens Polishing Four Factor 50% Cost Reduction Program”— including four major cost impact factors of Personnel, Defects, Work in Process, and Cycle time for 50% cost down. This program has began to be implemented from now on.
※Company has began with Panasonic to build up Cooperative partnership.
1   In the year of 2002
※ERP ( Enterprise Resources Program) system was put into use officially.
※Put information management into practice; promote improving operation process and competitiveness
1   In the year of 2003
※The phase II expansion project of Huaguo Optical’s Factory Site has started.
※Company has introduced ISO14001:1996 Environment Management System and set up ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001:1996 Quality Environment Integrated Management System.
※Company’s monthly performance of productivity has breakthrough over 7 million pieces of lens volume .
1   In the year of 2004
※Company has passed ISO14001 audit and obtained the certificate.;
※The phase II expansion project of Huaguo Factory Site was complete and put into production.
※Company’s monthly performance of productivity has breakthrough over 10 million pieces of lens volume.
※The KMS (Kowledge Management System) was introduced to put into use officially.
※Company has became one of the first group enterprises to implement electronic books online supervision with Customs House and was ranking in credit as “Trustable and Honest Enterprise” by General Administration of China Customs.
※Company has achieved a “Double-Excellent Enterprise of State Foreign Investment” in the year of 2004.
1   In the year of 2005
※General Manager of Company, Mr. Zhou Liang-cheng has announced to start to implement the “Gung -Ho!” culture reformation program.
※Company has got a certificate of “Guangdong High & New Tech Enterprise”.
※Company’s monthly performance of productivity has breakthrough over 12 million pieces lens volume.
1   In the year of 2006
※Huaguo Optical has promoted a “Eagle Plan” to push forward for “Defects Reduction, Cost reduction, and Manpower reductions”.
※The Huaguo Optical’s “Japanese Language Training Class” has set up and begin to assign talented employees to study at Dr. Sun Yat-Sen University ( Guangzhou based) for one-year off-job training.
※Company received a honary record of “Class A Taxpayer of Foshan City”.
※Company’s monthly performance of productivity has breakthrough over 15 million pieces of lens volume.
1   In the year of 2007
※Company’s Self-developed “PORRO” telescope has began to be in mass production and for sale.
※Company obtained a honorary record as one of “Foshan City Model Enterprises of Environment Protection”.
※Company has organized to prepare the compiling related program activity record of “Enterprise Culture Handbook”.
※Send volunteer teachers to Tiqiao Primary School first time
※President Zhou is appointed as headmaster of Tiqiao Primary School
※Donate Pingmo Primary School in Guangxi
1   In the year of 2008
※The first “Health Education and Health Promotion Model Base” was set up in Huaguo Optical by the Government of Chencheng District of Greater Foshan City.
※Obtained the First Prize of Safe Production Industrial Injury Insurance Enterprises rewarded by Foshan Chancheng District Government.
※Bring in OHSAS18001:2007 system
※Donate Changkeng Primary School in Guangdong

In the year of 2009
※HuaGuo obtained OHSAS18001:2007 occupation health and environment protection system certificate on Feb 16th , 2009 .
※Obtained Quality Contribution Silver Medal of Panasonic.
※Obtained Safe Production Standardization Management Level A enterprises of Foshan.
※Obtained Certificate of ISO9001:2008.



In the year of 2010

※Rated as excellent partners of Panasonic .
※Played a positive role in the Taiwan-Guangdong Week activities.
※Independently developed optical accessory equipments.
※Intellectual property driven, obtained many patent certificates .
※Tax payment exceeding CNY 50,000,000
※Pass identification of High-tech Enterprises



In the year of 2011

※Leizhou Leigao Tiqiao Primary School which donated by Huaguo completed.
※Established Nanhai Branch and mass produced.
※Send 5 volunteer teachers to Pingmo Primary School



In the year of 2012

Celebrate the 20th anniversary of foundation.
Gao Konglian, vice-president of SEF, visited Huaguo.


In the year of 2013

Leaders from Taiwan Affairs Office visit Huaguo.
※Obtain the title of Excellent Taiwan-capital Enterprise of Guangdong.



 In the year of 2014
※Introduction of TMF sewage treatment system.
※VOC Waste gas treatment and upgrading.



In the year of 2015
※Audit and acceptance of cleaner production of key enterprises in Guangdong Province.
※Import ISO/TS1649 quality control system.



 In the year of 2016
※China independent brand put into production.
※Quality management system of intellectual property rights.
※Won the “ Guangdong Province, the integrity of the model enterprises ” title.
※500 manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong Province.


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