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Epidemic prevention! Hua Guo is in action. Pageviews:0    2020-03-30
At the beginning of 2020, a new coronary pneumonia epidemic swept the world. At the moment, each of us is a member of the battlefield. As an enterprise, the prevention and control of epidemic situation and the resumption of production and resumption of production are on both hands. Under such a severe background, the company upholds the core values of "people-oriented" concept, while epidemic prevention and production, in order to allow all employees to safely and safely reflect their value on the job. And every bit of this is recorded by us...
Wish all the goddesses of huaguo a happy holiday! Pageviews:0    2020-03-11
Hua Guo 2020 Spring Festival Gala Pageviews:0    2020-03-11
Hua Guo's First Car Rear Box Love Market Pageviews:0    2019-12-28
Hua Guo + Le Kesi Summer Camp Activities Pageviews:0    2019-12-04
Don't forget the original intention, move forward Pageviews:0    2019-12-04
Twelve years of true love, full of love Pageviews:0    2019-12-04
The singing is loud and the passion is flying Pageviews:0    2019-12-04
Passionate Dragon Boat Festival Pageviews:100    2019-12-04
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